The production of these drawings is rooted in printmaking, specifically monotypes, as well as a reliance on the accident as used in abstract painting process. One goal when I started this series of drawings was to find a method to make a unique drawing that was aesthetically intricate and seemed to be created by long, laborious and tedious hours, but took a faction of the time to generate and also defied a factory-made appearance. During the process of developing each drawing, a piece of canvas was dry brushed with powdered charcoal and then thrashed on the support making a unique mark. The values and form on these drawings is controlled through the shape, amount of medium, and weight that is applied with each drawing stroke. The process is at once delicate and violent. Much like our own existence, each drawing is explicitly unique and carries specific characteristics from all the others. Viewed as a group, the unifying denominator is this uniqueness whose accidental nature is put into question as the accident is repeated time and time again.

- Jesus De La Rosa